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About P3Finance Group, LLC

The P3Finance Group, LLC introduces a novel type of investment vehicle to create a new type of public-private partnership monetizing positive externalities, called: The P3Solution

About the P3Solution

The P3Solution utilizes a new type of financial instrument to revitalize and expand America’s infrastructure and bring investment in projects that benefit the public scale.

The P3Solution attracts investment capital into projects that impact society in a positive way.

The P3Solution investment vehicles seek to achieve:

  • A market or higher return on investment for their private sector participants by enhancing yields for projects having positive externalities.
  • A cost discount for public sector participants. The greater the positive externality the lower the cost.

Unlike traditional public-private partnerships, the P3Solution investment vehicles will not own or otherwise take an interest (e.g., profit-sharing arrangement) in the public infrastructure projects they finance. Public sector entities will retain ownership and control of public projects they finance through the P3Solution investment vehicles.

The P3Solution investment vehicles are an investment and financing technology that can be applied to mobilize the public and private sectors to develop a wide range of public projects that can provide a shared and sustainable economic prosperity.