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Reinventing the

From historical limitations of traditional P3’s:

Traditional public-private partnerships are of limited attraction to the public sector because the economic burden borne by the public sector to pay for public infrastructure is much less than the overall economic benefits generated by public infrastructure.

Typically, local governments absorb 100% of the cost of their projects, yet recover less than the economic benefits generated by these projects because we lack a mechanism to recover the positive externalities.

The P3Solution enables both the public sector and private sector capital investors to benefit fairly from public infrastructure projects that generate public benefits.

"Whereas, usually, the balance in public-private-partnerships burdens the public side disproportionately, the P3Solution offers the perfect crux for a true public-private-partnership since a public need becomes a benefit for the private investor"

Mike Griffin, Executive Director, County Executives of America

To the next level:
A new type of public-private partnership that can fully or partially relieve budgetary constraints on public sector spending through the creation of a novel investment vehicle for private capital investment. It captures the externality previously not monetizable to enhance both the private and public sector outcomes.